The ONE Fire Logistics/Asset management solution

Saving your organization time and money by making clear, concise data driven decisions with LogisticsOne fire asset management system.

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Designed, developed and owned by active firefighters.

LogisticsOne is designed, developed and owned by firefighters with over 35+ years of experience in operations and administration having first hand knowledge of what fire organizations need.

Single Solution

Assign assets to personnel, vehicles and locations. Create and complete inspections based on NFPA recommendations and standards.
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Save time and tax dollars with budget tracking. Keep your organization and community properly informed. Stay under control and under budget.
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Track service tickets, personnel and vehicles. Create and complete inspections. Assign personnel, view history and assigned assets.
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View fuel and mileage reports. View vehicle recalls, assigned personnel and equipment. Stay up to date with service reliability reports, issues and maintenance.
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Easily track and mange logistics distribution with in depth inventory and stock management system. Review, approve or deny personnel and location product requests.
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Track assigned PPE, durable equipment, certifications, skills, vehicle history and more. Set spending limits and create requests for services and products.
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The Premier Fire Logistics Management System.

LogisticsOne incorporates a complete fire logistics management system into a single fire agency focused platform.

Mission Ready

Developed by active firefighters
30+ years of fire service experience
Customizable and ready to deploy

Information: The key to success and efficiency.

Accelerate your operations with a modern web-based system to help maintain an efficient and effective logistics division. Use key metrics and refined data to gain awareness of operations and administration.

  • Platform

    Say goodbye to multiple software platforms that do not communicate, require extensive training, and are difficult to implement and maintain.

  • Dataset

    Integrate into one platform, at your fingertips, when you need it and where you need it. Saving time and tax dollars.

  • Solution

    Manage personnel, assets, fleet, facilities, and inventory. Helping you operate efficiently and streamline logistics and administration.

Seamless and planned operations.

Enhance your day-to-day operations by monitoring key metrics and analytics. Check reporting, review expenditures, and budgetary performance measures. Gain real time awareness of personnel, vehicles, assets, and facilities.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

No, LogisticsOne is web-based and runs on our secure HTTPS SSL cloud servers and works in all major, modern web browsers. We recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Our highest priority is data security and we ensure our system is always up to date with the latest security patches and we will continue to employ the best data security practices.

You do. You retain ownership of all the data you send and upload. This data can be requested and/or downloaded at any time.

Our next highest priority is data integrity. We employ daily automatic offsite backups of all data.

After signing our agreement, your project manager will assist with compiling all applicable information. Then we take care of the rest. After setup, we assist with implementation, and training.

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