Asset Management

Gone are the days of paper documents and spreadsheets to keep track of your durable assets. Let us help you stay mission ready with LogisticsOne asset management system.

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Accelerate Operational Readiness.

Remove the guesswork from your logistics operation. Know who is assigned what, where it is assigned and its reliability.

Mission Ready

Print bar codes and labels, create custom inspections, easily assign your assets to vehicles and personnel.
View and track costs by vendor, manufacturer, location, person, etc. Track those costs from purchase to retirement.
View assignments, services, Tag#, size, internal and external SKU, serial#, manufacturer, vendor and more.

Complete data driven tracking and analysis

Stay aware and in control by managing every detail of your assets. Manage assignments, service history, and losses. Know the true cost of ownership from purchase to disposal.



Easily track scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, inspection reports, testing, assignments and repairs.


Protective Garments

Protective garment tracking made easy with LogisticsOne. Track gear assigned to personnel, locations, vehicles, etc



Easily create and implement custom daily, monthly, and yearly inspections, replacement, and cleaning schedules.

NFPA guideline recommendations

Features that are constructed around NFPA guidelines, helping your organization stay in compliance, certification and accreditation ready.


Reduce the need for individual member NFPA knowledge.

Stay informed about your compliance

Receive emails and notifications quarterly with garments that are recommended and garments that should be retired.

Maintenance and Care

Easily track maintenance and care with our straightforward service ticket module following NFPA 1851 the standard.

Detailed information available across your organization.

Plan, schedule, and implement operations based on accurate readily available data when it is needed the most.

Unified logistics data

One intuitive application for your entire logistics operation.

Plan and forecast fiscal budget/s

Confidence in planing your fiscal budgets year after year, based on historical long term data on every asset expenditure form purchase to disposal.

Detailed history of assets

Easily view asset history of services, assignments, loss reports, and view any pertinent documents and images associated with your assets.

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