Fleet Management

Fleet service management designed and developed to elevate your frontline/reserve readiness. Streamline your fleet coordination processes, and directly integrate with your fleet services or maintenance departments.

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Efficient frontline readiness.

Efficient vehicle management is imperative. Whether your fleet is large or small, our fleet management system can help you maintain your vehicle assets with our web based software developed around fire service fleet, and fleet services.

Mission Ready

Detailed equipment logs keep your personnel informed. View detailed vehicle location history.
Stay up to date with information that matters the most. Know who, what, where, when and how your vehicles are maintained and operated.
Track, every cost associated with owning/leasing your fleet, from fuel costs, services costs, costs per mile, loss/damage costs and more. Gain awareness of the true cost of ownership.

Real-time fleet awareness

Stay operationally and logistically aware of your front line assets. Assign PPE, equipment etc to any vehicle.


Custom Inspections.

Create in-depth inspections to suite your departments needs. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly inspections your fleet requires.


Assignable Equipment.

Assign managed assets in the LogisticsOne system to any vehicle in your fleet. Know exactly what vehicle has what, and how much.


Maintenance Reports.

Review vehicle maintenance records in one place. Leave the pen and paper in the desk, and keep detailed printable maintenance reports.

Vehicle Inspections

Easily create and assign electronic inspections to any vehicle in your fleet. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly inspection intervals.

Inspection creator

Keep your fleet at the ready with 100% customizable fleet inspections.

Electronically complete and sign

Personnel can easily complete and digitally sign required inspections electronically, thus reducing the need for pen and paper.

Stay in control

Organization control of your data is paramount, we give you the ability to create and modify your inspection types with no lengthy build times or updates.

Fuel management & analytics

Say goodbye to clipboards with paper and pen. Say hello, to a fully customizable fuel site manager. Pinpoint excess fuel consumption, and create personal accountability with fuel use logs.

Vehicle Recalls

Stay informed about previous and ongoing vehicle recalls that may affect your fleet operations. Create service tickets with information pulled directly from the NHTSA database.

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