Warehouse and Inventory Management

Streamline warehouse operations with an inventory management system to help manage your logistics operation. Get stock updates and reports, set minimum stock levels, track purchases and costs. Analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly personnel and location operational costs.

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Warehouse Management

Complete warehouse management including LogisticsOne stock watcher, packing slip/invoice printing capabilities, minimum and low stock alerts, and label generators.

Costs analysis and analytics

Easily track and maintain awareness of location and personnel expenditures with product shipments and requests.

Reduce waste and excess spending

View in depth expenditure reports on your product inventory. View order history for personnel, and locations.

Logistics awareness

Setting quantities that trigger minimum stock alerts. Keeping your logistics warehouse ready to deliver.

Inventory Management System

Generate bar codes, print labels, and track distribution to all your facilities. Improve non durable product expenditures and reduce excess costs based on usage history and frequency.

Product Catalogs

Members and locations can order products directly from your logistics warehouse with a custom product catalog.

Order Requests

Keep members informed about warehouse requests. Allow warehouse personnel to easily approve or deny requests.


Operate your warehouse efficiently

LogisticsOne allows you to easily print packing slips and invoices for efficient equipment distribution.

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