Personnel Management

No more guesswork when it comes to personnel logistics management. Keep them informed about expenditures, assignments, vehicles, losses and damage. Give your personnel the tools they need to make necessary decisions.

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Personal accountability. Personnel management.

Our LogisticsOne management suite offers a large array of tools to help manage your personnel.

Sizing line

Easily replace or order personnel garments and uniforms without guesswork.

Avoid confusion

Keep your personnel informed about there assigned equipment, order history, and losses.

Asset assignments

Assign any asset to your personnel, and track all associated history including costs.

Communication and ease of operations

Keep your personnel informed. Allow personnel to order products from your warehouses. Assign inspections, vehicles and equipment.


View shift, location, vehicle, skill and position/rank history.

Protective Garments

View assigned PPE and equipment with length of assignments.


Set spending limits, assignment limits and more.

Certifications & Skills

Find the appropriate personnel by searching certifications and skills.

Get notifications about expiring and expired certifications.

Set requirements for vehicles by skill set and certifications.

Shifts & Assignments

Easily create organization shift calendars.

Assign personnel to locations and vehicles by shift.

Set access restrictions based on assignments and shifts.

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